Research Papers of Nicolas Carayol


The papers are part of my two main domains of interest:

1 Economics of science, and 2 Social and economic networks.


1 The Economics of Science

• Carayol N., Lahatte A., Llopis O., The Right Job and the Job Right:
Novelty, Impact and Journal Stratification in Science, [paper] (Last version: Mars 2019).

• Carayol N., Lanoe M., The Impact of Project-Based Funding in Science: Lessons from the ANR Experience, [paper], (Last version: 2018),  [supplementary_material].

• Carayol N., Lanoe M., The Impact of Blue Sky Project Based Funding of Academic Research, [paper], (Last version: May 2013).

• Carayol N., Sterzi V., Quality Sorting in the Transfer of Academic Inventions, [paper] (Revised version: July 2019), revise and resubmit for the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy. 

• Carayol N., Lahatte A., Comparing and Ranking Universities when Quantity and Quality both Matter, [paper], (Last Version: Feb 2017), under revision for the Journal of Informetrics.

• Carayol N., Filliatreau G., Lahatte A., Reference classes: A tool for benchmarking universities research, [paper] Published in Scientometrics 2012.

• Carayol N., Filliatreau G., Lahatte A., Impact, dominance et classements des universites, [paper] , Published in Revue Economique 2015.

• Carayol N., An economic theory of academic competition: Dynamic incentives and endogenous cumulative advantages, [paper], published in Conferences in New Political Economy 2008.

• Carayol N., Academic incentives and research organization for patenting at a large French university, [paper], published in Economics of Innovation and New Technologies, 2007.

• Carayol N., Dalle J-M., Sequential problem choice and the reward system in Open Science, [paper], published in Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 2007.

• Boumahdi R., Carayol N., Llerena P., The private contractual funding of academic laboratories: A panel data analysis, with , [paper], published in Applied Economic Letters 2007.

• Carayol N., Optimal Dynamic Incentives in the Academic Competition, [paper], (Last Version: Feb. 2006).

• Carayol N., Les proprietes incitatives de l'effet Saint-Matthieu dans la competition academique, [paper], published  in Revue Economique, 2006.

Boumahdi R., Carayol N., Public and private funding of academic laboratories: Crowding out evidence from a large European research university, [paper], (Last Version: Feb. 2006).

• Azagra-Caro J., Carayol N., Llerena P., Patent production of a European research university: Evidence at the laboratory level , [paper], published in Journal of Technology Transfer 2006.

• Carayol N., Matt M., Individual and collective determinants of academic scientists' productivity, [paper], published in Information Economics and Policy 2006.

• Carayol N., Thi T., Why do academic scientists engage in Interdisciplinary research?, [paper], published in Research Evaluation, 2005.

• Carayol N., Matt M., Does research organization influence academic production? Laboratory level evidence from a large European university, [paper], published in Research Policy 2004.

• Carayol N., Matt M., The exploitation of complementarities in the scientific production process at the laboratory level, [paper], published in Technovation 2004.

• Carayol N., Objectives, agreements and matching in science-industry collaborations: Reassembling the pieces of the puzzle [paper], published in Research Policy 2003.

2 Social and economic networks

• Carayol N., Berge L., Cassi L., Roux P., Unintended closure in social networks. The strategic formation of research collaborations among French inventors, [paper], published in Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 2019.

• Berge, L., Carayol N., Roux, P., How do inventor networks affect urban invention?  [paper], (Revised version version: Mar 2018). Published in Rergional Science and Urban Economics.

• Carayol N., Delille R., Vannetelbosch V., Allocating value among farsighted players in network formation  [paper], published in Economics Letters 2015.

• Carayol N., Cassi L., Who's who in patents. A bayesian approach, [paper] (Last version: May 2009).

• Carayol N., Roux P., Knowledge flows and the geography of networks. A strategic model of small world formation, with P. Roux, [paper] published in Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 2009.

• Carayol N., Roux P., The strategic formation of inter-individual collaboration networks. Evidence from co-invention patterns, [paper], published in Annals of Economics and Statistics 2008.

• Carayol N., Roux P., Yildizoglu M., Inefficiencies in a model of spatial networks formation with positive externalities, [paper], published in Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 2008.

• Carayol N., Roux P., Yildizoglu M., In search of efficient network structures: The needle in the haystack, [paper], published in Review of Economic Design 2008.

• Carayol N., Roux P., `Collective innovation' in a model of network formation with preferential meeting, with P. Roux, [paper], published in Springer Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems 2005.

• Carayol N., Roux P., Self-organizing innovation networks: When do Small Worlds emerge? with Pascale Roux [paper], published in European Journal of Economic and Social Systems 2005.

• Carayol N., Roux P., Behavioral foundations and equilibrium notions for social network formation processes, with P. Roux, [paper], published in Advances in Complex Systems 2004.

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